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The long awaited Apple TV App Store opened about a month ago, and since we happen to be into apps that got us pretty excited.  Apple has historically prevented iPhone and iPad owners from deleting the apps that come preinstalled on the devices: Stocks, Game Center, Notes, Calendar and so on. As of 5 January 2016, that remains the case, and officially you`re still not allowed to delete Apple`s preinstalled apps from your iPhone or even hide their icons (although of course you can pop all the unwanted apps in a folder in a screen on their own, and never look at them again).Google announced today that it`s beginning to test a feature that will stream apps to Android phones when someone finds a result from them through Search.  It`s worthwhile to consider the fact that nearly all of Jetpack`s functionality shares a codebase with the same functionality on , so this code is under constant load and testing by tens of millions of users around the world and is being written by some of the best WordPress developers in the world including public contributors (everything we do is public on Github).You may have not been aware that Amazon was even running a second app store, in addition to its better known Amazon Appstore where it offers a selection of mobile apps for Android and Amazon Fire devices.  In situation 1, a user is running only Jetpack, with the 19 Jetpack modules that are activated out of the box (After The Deadline, Contact Form, Custom Content Types, Custom CSS, Gravatar Hovercards, Latex, Notes, Omnisearch, Post By Email, Publicize, Sharedaddy, Shortcodes, Shortlinks, Stats, Subscriptions, Vaultpress, Verification Tools, Widget Visibility, Widgets).The new version of Apple TV has been made to run iOS-based apps, and now Apple is rolling out a new feature in the App Store that label which apps work for the the set-top box. The most common use of the jet pack has been in extra-vehicular activities for astronauts Despite decades of advancement in the technology, many obstacles remain in the way of use of the jetpack in the military or as a means of personal transport , including the challenges of Earth`s atmosphere , Earth`s gravity , low energy density of available fuels, and the human body not being naturally adapted to fly.It really shouldn`t surprise anyone that the new Apple TV is already home to over 2,600 apps.  In reality it has a lot more in common with a small, personal helicopter than what a jetpack was traditionally conceived as. For the moment New Zealand`s Civil Aviation Authority has certificated the Martin Jetpack as a microlight vehicle, but the company is working closely with the regulator to create a unique and more specific classification for the type of vehicle that it is.
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One caveat: Once you power down your phone and restart it, the hidden, undelete-able apps will reappear. We`ve crunched the numbers and have answered some questions we`ve been getting about the new App Store. There are currently 2,624 apps available for download in the Apple TV App Store. With a pretty steady rate of growth so far, we estimate the store will be hitting 5,000 apps in about a month and 10,000 apps in early 2016. We were a bit surprised to see the Shopping category consisting of just 9 apps.The Games category is the single largest category on the Apple TV App Store with 1,002 apps. As we look through categories there`s something important we should make note of - while developers can publish apps to more than 20 main categories, only seven are currently visible in the Apple TV. We marked those categories with a darker shade of blue. That`s why the top 10 apps are all streaming apps from popular services and cable channels.We`re not sure how Apple is deciding which categories to open up, but did notice all apps are downloadable if you search them. Monetizing on any app store is as challenge, but due to the lack of ads (from Apple`s iAd or 3rd parties), the options are a bit more limited and so developers are currently forced to monetize by charging for their app, or using in-app purchases. Our expectation, especially for the early batch of apps, was to see the majority of apps being free with in-app purchases. That however does not seem to be the case — 39% of apps on the Apple TV App Store are paid apps.The race to the bottom hasn`t graced the Apple TV App Store, but it`s worth noting that there are a few brave developers that are challenging that, pricing their apps as high as $59.99. While there are more games than apps in any other single category, games don`t seem to dominate the top charts (yet?). We`ll be keeping an eye on the new store and will put out an updated analysis in the new year that looks at growth, so stay tuned and join the mailing list to be the first to know about it. Having had a smart TV for a few years now, it seems the games and apps that are available through app stores are novelty at best.This analysis was done using our comprehensive app catalog which we make available commercially through Appbase The catalog contains over 4 million apps from all major app stores, including all Apple TV apps regardless of whether they`re in a category that`s available on the Apple TV App Store or not. If you`re new to the platform, you`ll be happy to know that apps are prolific and — most importantly — getting to be really high quality. Whether it`s a Samsung or a Nexus, these apps and utilities will help you get the most out of your new phone.
Some may even be pre-installed, but a few are Google`s version of the apps that Samsung, LG, and HTC often replace with their own. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook. Streaming only works with nine apps for now, according to TechCrunch : Hotel Tonight, Weather, Chimani, Gormey, My Horoscope, Visual Anatomy Free, Useful Knots, Daily Horoscope, and New York Subway. This isn`t just for The Jetpack plugin now gives your self-hosted sites access to the new publishing and site-building tools and the app, along with a host of features to speed up, secure, and simplify site administration like automatic backups and plugin auto-updating.However, there is a growing number of more noteworthy - and practical - apps arriving on Echo as well. The problem is that finding the better apps among the clutter is still a challenge, given that the Echo`s app store is fairly bare bones. But there are signs that Amazon is working to turn Echo`s selection of miscellaneous add-ons into something that better resembles a real” app store.Just before Christmas, for example, the company introduced support for standard app store features like a search engine and customer reviews that involve star ratings. That means it`s now easier to find apps to use with Echo, as well as see if other Echo owners liked the apps you`re interested in using. For the simple reason that the Echo itself is finding its way into more customer homes, the importance of its add-on app store may also grow over time. I`ve written to Apple suggesting that they use the iPhone apps to advertise companion apps to those on the iPhone. It`s not surprising that 38 percent of the store is hoping to make the device a gaming console.In this way, I can see what is available when I use the app, rather than having to repeatedly check availability status in the App Store. With new apps arriving every day, it may be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest — but not to worry. Here is where we`ll keep all of the top apps we come across — from launchers to podcast apps to music players and more — so you`ll never have to dig too deep to find the best apps right now. But while it`s admittedly not the most exciting app in the world, the cloud file-manager is a really great way to play with some of your iPhone`s new toys, entirely for free.The virtual hipster camera has now gone conventional, with a typically iOS camera view and the means to add filters after you`ve taken and saved a clean image. But we`ve long used the free Documents app for this, because it gives you access to other online storage locations as well, along with enabling you to manage, archive and share files with ease. Find Apps to help you grow your business, sell more products, and increase your revenue per order.